Organizations operate in a world of increasing complexity, intensified competition, globalization, and growing expectations. In order to maintain a competitive edge, Devonwall Consulting believes it is essential to focus on how to best manage and develop the human component of each organization. Human capital encompasses the skills, talent, experience, and growth opportunities available to a company’s work force. By evaluating and identifying a customer’s human capital strengths and areas of needed improvement, Devonwall provides the tools to help our client’s workforce differentiate themselves from their competition.

Devonwall Consulting helps companies grow by aligning their human capital strategy with exisitng strategic goals and plans. We advise our clients how to attract, develop, engage, and reward their employees to attain operating success. By utilizing our global experience to evaluate big-picture impact on cultural change, Devonwall acts as a trusted advisor to management components seeking to grow or realign their human capital resources. Devonwall Consulting analyzes business strategy, cultural changes, and organizational dynamics to implement actionable, practical, and results-oriented human capital strategies that drive business success.